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Omnis Healthcare is all about you, your health, your wellness, and, everything in between!

Tailor-made solutions for you

Your Omnis Healthcare profile is a revolutionary, simplified and personalized way to keep track of your health in one place. Based on our various calculators and your genome sequence, we aim to provide you with individualistic guidance, programs and services, specifically designed for you.

Why Choose Us

Because we act as a one stop shop for everything that one might need in a lifetime, be it doctors, appointments, medicines, health plans or anything else, we have got it all.

Live healthy

The “marketplace” for all health related blogs. Everything is categorized and indexed under twenty subheads for you to choose, like and subscribe, for your daily feeds, for an informed and wholesome you.

Our Mission

We focus on understanding you and your needs, and then deploy solutions precisely based on them. Our mission is to help you be the best version of yourself, in terms of health, and help you become the rock star of your life.


Our calculators provide you with the scientifically based assessmentof the truth about the body that you are living in - the first step towards optimising your health !!

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We, at OMNIS HEALTHCARE, aim to provide you with end to end information about health. With a database curated by credible professionals, you can be rest assured to find the best and most reliable information on health subjects that matter to you. We believe that health information should’nt be mundane, rather an exciting, entertaining and engaging experience for our users. You got a query, post it to us and we will get back to you with a verified timely response. We aim to be your first stepping stone towards the internet of health.

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OH users have constant access to personalized health consultation. Our company acts as a bridge between you and various other healthcare professionals, like doctors, yoga instructors, gym trainers etc. with the help of our directory, you can find the right doctor, book an appointment, book diagnostic tests, store health records and learn new ways to live healthier for you and your family.

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Very soon you can buy medicines that actually suits you. At OMNIS HEALTHCARE, we help you take care of your health as well as that of your loved ones- by bringing you convenience to buy medications from any part of the country- and ensure that the medications that we supply would actually suit you. We sort medicines for you, based on your Genome Sequencing thus eliminating a major bulk of medicines that you don’t need or won’t work effectively for you, bringing down major expense in the process. We ensure that you always get a timely delivery of your medication by partnering up with various pharmacy experts throughout the country. At OMNIS HEALTHCARE, you can easily buy medicines, compare between different medication, choose between different price range etc. We assure you, we have the right medication for you.

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Your source of daily knowledge and amusement, revolving around health. We have categorized multiple blogs for you under sub heads ranging from yoga, to your fitness, your health, sports, medications, common symptoms etc. We have professionals continuously working on and adding contents, so that you may find more relevant articles that interests you. Got a story you want to share with the world, use our platform to reach the widest range of user-base in the country.

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Come join us to find a proper symbiosis between you and us, so that together we can work on making the best of your health.

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